Part of the set up crew at the Iowa Firefighters Association Hall of Flame at the 2018 Iowa State Fair. Photo by Jack Runge.

The Monticello Fire Department responded as flames consumed in rural Scotch Grove on Aug. 3. Firefighters Jackson Spahr and Tim Miles work to put out the flames. The property owner started up a vehicle he was storing to let it run a while. He went to do something and came back to discover the car and garage on fire.

     Serving a rural community has its challenges. One of the most obvious ones is the lack of a hydrant water supply. This is why we need to drill in drafting and tanker shuttle operations.

     The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Office along with Norfolk Fire put on a house burn training on Sunday Aug. 12. Several Northeast Nebraska fire departments participated in the training that lasted for several hours. The training included roof venting to interior attacks.

Members of LifeNet load a patient at the scene of an accident at Hwy 81 and 13 junction. Hadar Fire and Rescue, Pierce Fire and Rescue, Norfolk Fire Rescue and LifeNet all worked together to help the four patients from the SUV and one patient from the semi on this accident. Photo by Aaron Beckman.

		The Grinnell Fire Department responded to a residential fire on July 31. The house and two vehicles were a total loss. Firefighters were able to rescue a cat and reunite it with its owner. The Gilman and Kellogg Fire Departments assisted at the scene while Midwest Ambulance provided rehab for firefighters. Firefighters were on the scene for three hours and the fire remains under investigation. Photo by Duane McClun of the Grinnell Fire Department.

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Hall of Flame

                  Part of the set up crew at the Iowa Firefighters Association Hall of Flame at the 2018 Iowa State Fair. Photo by Jack Runge.

Forklift fire

     On July 30, Norfolk Fire Division responded to a forklift on fire in an industrial pallet warehouse in rural Stanton County about three miles southeast of Norfolk.

Time to pay dues

     Nebraska Fire and Rescue personnel; welcome to the September issue of the Nebraska Firefighter and if you haven’t paid your dues, this will be the last issue you will receive until your dues a

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