Answer the call to action on OSHA regulations

   Greetings, Vice President Aaron Clemons, Past Presidents Marv Trimble, Roger Bissen and myself recently made a trip to Washington, DC to meet with the staff members or our Legislators to discuss pending Bills. Of major importance were Bills to extend the SAFER and AFG grants that were set to end in September, and the New OSHA requirement changes that will affect all fire departments but especially volunteer departments. YOU ALL NEED TO GO TO OUR WEB PAGE AND ANSWER OUR CALL TO ACTION ON THIS MATTER! This change has the potential to close many small departments. Let your Legislators know we are against this change!

   If you would be interested in helping with the Drills at Convention in Iowa Falls this September let me know by e-mail at Please include your Name, Department and Phone Number.     

   Jami and I have had the opportunity to attend a few Lengths of Service awards, talks of Brother/Sisterhood and Department fund raisers around the State and always look forward to being invited to these events, Thank you for your warm welcomes.

    The Memorial is coming soon and if you have not attended the service, Saturday and Sunday, all I can say is you are and have missed a very moving Tribute to our fallen Brothers and Sisters. The Walls of names are getting full and we are in need of an expansion so fund raising efforts are on-going. If you have the ability, please make a donation for this Great cause. To quote a TV commercial “Big or Small Your Gift Helps Us All”.

   We are going through some BIG changes on Convention and as we move forward, I hope and pray you all will be patient and understanding as we learn and adapt to the new norm. I am confident that if we work together this can and will work to the benefit of us all. Yours in Service,

Roger Carr,

IFA President


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