Black Hills District School Held

     Black Hills District School was held Oct. 30th at the Central States Fair Grounds.

     The classes offered at the school were FireFighter 101 which gave students a chance that do not wear their SCBA’s often to get acquainted with them again along with some basic search and rescue techniques and going through a SCBA Confidence course. They were also provided with some basic tool identification/uses, hose advancement and handling techniques; and last hooking a hydrant up to a pumping apparatus.

     The second class offered was “From Source to Nozzle.” This class got the students back to the basics of getting water from tank, a hydrant system, and drafting into the pump and out to multiple hose lines as well as relay pumping.

     A cadre of instructors from the area were utilized for both classes to help strengthen our commitment to Mutual Aid with each other.

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