Fire destroys home, vehicles north of Darr Feedlot

     An accident with a wood burning stove caused the destruction of a home and a vehicle north of the Darr Feedlot on Friday, Mar. 20.

     Around 3 p.m. the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to Road 759, northeast of the Darr Feedlot, in reference to a house which was on fire.

     In total 25 firefighters responded to the scene with a fire engine, two pumper trucks, two water tankers and an ambulance, said Fire Chief Dahlas Holbein.

     The billowing black smoke from the burning house could be seen for miles away, even on the outskirts of Lexington.

     When the LVFD arrived on scene, the front of the home was completely consumed by flames.

     The fire extended to a nearby vehicle, blowing out its windows due to the heat and also setting it on fire. This vehicle was determined to be a total loss, Holbein said, another car parked nearby was also damaged, but salvageable.

     Firefighters began putting out the fire which had spread to the car and then began to work on the flames coming from the home.

     Holbein said after 30 minutes he felt they had nearly contained the fire in the front of the home, but discovered it had spread through the attic and into the multiple additions of the home.

     The decision was made to let the fire burn itself out, as the home featured a full basement and the floors had ben comprised by the flames, making any movement dangerous.

     The LVFD members then worked to ensure the fire did not spread to any of the other structures in the area and none were damaged by the fire, Holbein said.

     Four hours after the initial call, the fire had run its course and the last LVFD unit returned to the fire hall around 7:30 p.m. Holbein said.

     The cause of the fire was an accident with a wood burning stove, Holbein said the occupant of the house was burning cardboard items in the stove in preparation to move out of the structure. The State Fire Marshal also inspected the scene.

     There were no injuries associated with the fire, said Holbein.






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