New President

   At the time of writing this, we are getting ready to go to conference in South Sioux City next week. I am looking forward to catching up with all of you and having a good few days getting some business going for next year. Thank you to Dakota City for hosting conference this year.

   I have been spending the last few weeks getting ready for conference. Since I am running for President this year, one of the first items to get going was getting the committees ready for the next term. We have a lot of great people serving on our committees, if you have interest in serving on a committee in the future, please let the President or 1st Vice President know. 

   I also want to thank Darrell Vance for serving as President the last term. We had a lot of fun the last few years working together and traveling to meetings and events. Job well done Darrell.

   On a different note, this summer I was busy taking some additional training. I took two bigger classes taught by NSFMTD, as well as EMS conference and trainings locally. I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the training officers, instructors, NSFMTD staff, and everyone who helps put trainings together for all the fire and EMS departments in the state. Also, if you are not a member NVFC they have some great training assests that you can utilize as a member. NSFMTD has a great catalog of classes that they can teach, and they have a great staff to provide that training. All of the classes that I have taken have been great classes. 

   See you all soon, I hope my next article will be as President, and will have some more information to share from NSVFA Conference.


   Stay Safe.

Shad Bryner,

1st Vice President






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