Planning underway for 2025 Nebraska Fire School

   There was another great Nebraska State Fire School this year. Thank You again to all of the Fire School Committee for all of the hard work to get everything put together for another year. 

   Also, thanks to all of the committees that also come together to have a part in Fire School, Fire Prevention, Special Recognition, and Recruitment and Retention. We had a great opening ceremonies with flags presented by Grand Island Honor Guard, followed by some great message from NSVFA Chaplin Mau and then from Grand Island Fire Chief Schmidt, and Nebraska Fire Marshal Cordes. This year’s keynote speaker was Governor Pillen. We also were able to recognize some firefighters and organizations from around the state with awards. 

   Just a reminder that if you have some department members that have done/doing some great things in your department please take some time to submit them to the Special Recognition Committee or Fire Prevention Committee, they need to know applicants for firemanship, heroism, Browning Memorial. The Fire Prevention committee also needs to know applicants for Smokey Paw Award, Fire Prevention Award, and David Heywood Leadership Award. We do have links for this information on our website at  

   NSVFA also presented plaques to Gov. Pillen and Senator Dorn for all of the work that they have done for Fire and EMS for Nebraska.

   This year we did have some welcome rain during Fire School. While it did cause some minor inconveniences, most of us will always welcome the rain. 

   As I stated before, there is a class for every member for YOUR department at Fire School, thank you to all who attended; and, if you were not able to attend, please check it out for next year.

   Just a little look at what it takes for Fire School to happen. In August the Fire School Committee and E Board get together to go through the previous Fire School, they read every evaluation, do the budget and start working on things for the next year. From there they continue to work with NSFMTD, instructors, vendors, and local facilities to get everything in order. In December they have another meeting to continue working on items and get things finalized. The next few months everything gets finalized. 

   The Monday before Fire School starts the committee meets in Grand Island and starts getting everything set up. They continue all week, and on Sunday after Fire School concludes, get everything put away for the year. Thanks again to everyone for all of their hard work.

   NSVFA still has funds to go to departments from our SAFER grant that we received. There is money to go towards new members physicals and gear. Also, part of this grant everyone is getting additional insurance benefits. There is still money to go to departments so please reach out and see how we can help you out.

   Our next event that we will have will be the Memorial Service in Kearney at the museum in September. Also, conference will be here before we all know it, so get your reservations made for Gering.

   Everyone Stay Safe.

Shad Bryner,

NSVFA President


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