State Fire School registration is open

    First and most important, registration for State Fire School is open as hopefully you are aware. We apologize that it was a little late this year. Not making excuses, but we have been converting our membership, registrations, webpage, and other software programs to a new product called Growth Zone. What in the past has been with four different companies or vendors is now under one vendor. A big project but a huge step in having the ability to communicate better with all 6,000 of you. Thank you for your patience. 

   Take a gander at the class listings and get your registration in soon. There are some terrific new classes and several of the returning ones that always fill up early. If you ever wonder why we have the same classes’ year to year, it’s simple. The reviews are great, and the attendees ask for more. Not many fire schools will have two different live fire classes, or a pump class where you actually do hands on. There is a class on helping our own when something in their life may not be going right. You’re a new officer, have been the incident commander and felt overwhelmed. We try to provide a wide variety of classes for every level of firefighter and EMT. Check the registration cost, there is no reason why you can’t afford to come to Fort Pierre in June. 

   As we wrap up the membership drive for 2022, there are still a few departments who have not paid their dues. Some departments have been very loyal in their support and for some reason just haven’t this year. You can pay the dues anytime and still get the full coverage of AD&D, the A&H policy and the extra discounted registration. Don’t forget that at fire school this year there be voting on changing the old “constitution” to the new “articles of incorporation”. Your department must have 100% membership to allow you to vote. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a direct voice in your association. There should be an explanation in this paper again, so please take the time to read it and be ready for the ballot voting. 

   Speaking of elections, there will be no presidential or vice-presidential elections this year. Next year 2023 there will be for president. Just a heads up in case someone wants to start forming their campaign committee. Hey if the politicians can start this early why can’t we? 

   Looking down the road, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sept. 30 thru Oct. 2. The SD Firefighters Assn. fall conference will be held at the AmericInn in Fort Pierre. We will be having Jason Patton, David Griffin and the annual SD Firefighters Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. If you are not very familiar with these two gentlemen, just do a quick Google search and you will be impressed. There will be much more information in the coming months. 

   Ok, this month’s ramblings have been long enough, you’re tired of reading it, at least hopefully you read it. With that I’ll close for now and looking forward to seeing all of you in June. 

   Take care of you and your family.

Dennis Gorton,

SDFFA Secretary



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