From South Dakota Fire School

     July 6, 2019: 125th Celebration of Mechanicsville Fire Department, softball tournament, bags tournament, awards, parade at 18:30 and a street dance at 20:00 to midnight. Challenge coins $10. Contact Chief Koch’s email

	The 25th annual Memorial Service was held June 9 at the Iowa Firefighters Memorial site at Coralville. Photo by Terri Runge.

     The 25th Annual Iowa Firefighters Memorial weekend was very pleasant. For those who joined us, they saw the recent renovations to the Visitors Center. New flooring, doors, and lighting in the display cases. Outside new benches had been placed along the walkways.

     I know most of you have heard this said before. The quote I think of when I hear this is from Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” The best choice is to think positive and plan for the worst. This is really the essence of training.

     On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 a bomb cyclone caused flash flooding in and around Schuyler, NE.  This weather event caused motorists to be stranded in vehicles, which were partially submerged in water. 

     In waterfights at South Dakota Fire School in Mitchell, first place went to Hurley, followed by Madison in second place, Canton in third place and Tea in fourth place. The waterfights were sponsored by Heiman Fire.

     The Battle Creek Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire at, 24797 V.I.P. Rd. Hermosa, SD 57744.

     Upon arrival Battle Creek firefighters observed a fire, free burning in a residential structure and immediately struck a second alarm.

From South Dakota Fire School
	The 25th annual Memorial Service was held June 9 at the Iowa Firefighters Memorial site at Coralville. Photo by Terri Runge.

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     This month has been very busy with the daily office work; paying bills, entering memberships, updating addresses, getting newsletter information to the publisher and getting items ready for th

Welcome New Director

   The SDFA Board, at our March board meeting, approved the appointment of Samara Erickson, Pierre, as the Central District Director.  She will be serving the remaining term of the position until 2


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